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GTS builds software to manage global transportation management systems of every size and kind. Whether you’re running a world-wide intermodal operation or strictly local drayage, we’ve got the holistic business solutions that help you bring it all together.

The GTS team has over 100 years in the transportation industry between us, so we know the challenges you face. In fact, meeting those challenges was the original inspiration for our software and has continued to drive every new feature and improvement we’ve added. We say we build software around the way transportation gets done because that’s exactly the way it happened – we’ve done it and built the software specifically to help us do it faster, cheaper and more efficiently.

From documentation and accounting to rate engines and routing, our software is designed to give you full, end-to-end visibility and connectivity. Why enter the same thing twice? With our TMS solutions, everything you input is accessible to everyone who needs it, all the time, from order to settlement.Completely cloud-based solutions and exceptional customer support mean that with our industry-leading transportation management software, you can eliminate IT concerns and focus on doing what you do… better. 

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